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Reasons and advantages of applying ecological footprint on organization level

The necessity of application, the advantages nowadays - and more and more in the future - can be supported with the following:

  • critical areas can be identified with the calculation and analysis of ecological footprint, actions can be well founded,
  • from the investigation of the ecological footprint's different "elements" and from the timeline (e.g. annual calculation) it can be easily identified what are the necessary management measures with which the environment protection and sustainability can be supported,
  • the calculation of ecological footprint, as a sustainability indicator is a strong, tangible and recognized activity of the corporate social responsibility (CSR),
  • the sustainability approach - the most important element of which is that the economy also works in an environment which has limited resources - is perfectly demonstrated by the ecological footprint, strengthens it amongst the employees and towards the stakeholders of the company,
  • the GRI guidelines helping the preparation of sustainability reports do not require the calculation and presentation of ecological footprint on an explicit way, but it can be perfectly applied within the frameworks of the GRI; it might be acknowledged when the reports are certified,
  • on a mid- term it is possible - based on Western European initiatives - that those companies who calculate and analyze their ecological or carbon footprint might get some advantage on EU and state grant applications.
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