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Organization level ecological footprint

The ecological footprint (EF) – even in case of using it on organizational level - indicates the "demand" for natural resources in a virtual, so called global-hectare [gha], which is the weighing of the actual, physical square measure, the hectare [ha]. This approach means a real limitation as the "demand" on global level can not exceed the bio- productive area of the Globe ("sustainability") if we would like to live on a sustainable way.

In case of ecological footprint calculations on organizational level - especially in this early stage -, the calculations can not be compared with the bio- capacity ("sustainability") on such levels clearly, but the method provides important information because of the following:

Market prices and financial evaluation are not reliable tools to trace the natural resources, id est to investigate the long term operation of the ecosystem, which provides such "products" and services as: soil formation, renewal, stability of the climate, sustainability of biodiversity, fuels, crops, protection provided by the ozone layer, etc. Measuring the natural resources with bio- physical indicators is necessary, as the unreliability of measurements with financial tools and the limitation endanger our ability to manage the social, economic and ecological systems.

It creates the sense of urgency as the ecological footprint of humanity on global level exceeds the biological capacity of our Globe, so we are using more natural resources than the biosphere can create in given period of time. Putting it on an other way, it is called the state of ecological overshoot. Unfortunately Hungary is also in the state of ecological overshoot, which state can not be sustained on a long term.

With the ecological and/ or carbon footprint calculation there is a possibility to analyze the different elements and work out an action plan which aims the decrease. Some of the experts would make it compulsory for the organizations and even for countries to make EF (and/or CF) calculation to report not only the financial data or GDP, but also report the natural resources. There are international initiatives supporting these objectives. If these initiatives are only partially successful, those companies who have such calculations might get advantage.

Organizations footprint
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