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Reliability of the calculation, comparability

We are carrying out our calculations based on a standard which was set up by an international organization (Global Footprint Network, GFN) having authentic, scientific background and we also take the necessary - Hungary specifics - conversion factors into consideration available in the latest GFN database. The conversion factors are based on data provided by the statistical offices of the countries (in Hungary: the Central Statistical Office) or on data provided by international organizations (UN-FAO, International Energy Agency and similar agencies); calculations ("footprint") are based not on subjective value judgment.

Beyond the numbers we are implementing the "standard" concepts of GFN, we are interpreting the total ecological footprint this way. Reliability of the method can be considered as good; calculations done by us are identical to the relevant international practices.

Because of these, the ecological footprint calculations of an area, id est of the "global hectare" [gha] can be compared to any other calculations made on other parts of the world by any other organizations, as this unit - on global level - is consistent. Furthermore the ecological footprint of an organization can be normalized from different aspects (e.g. unit per one employer of the company or unit per income), which helps the comparability - as any other indicators - of the different organizations.

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