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Carbon Footprint

There are two types of interpretation of carbon footprint in use mainly on the Anglo- Saxon areas: the discharge based and area based. The later one meets the "footprint" concept. We are undertaking both types of carbon footprint calculation and analysis, this depends on the Clients' requirements, but the logics behind the ecological footprint calculation require the area based carbon footprint calculation.

One of the interpretations, the "superficial" one is: the carbon footprint of a population, an activity, a process or even of a product is the amount of CO2 expressed in tonnes for a reference period, calculated in annual volumes, which is necessary for the living, the activities, the processes or for producing the given product. This means a discharge based approach.

The other, more detailed interpretation which is also used by us is: the carbon footprint is the area - in global hectare, or if it is needed in the actual physical hectare of a country -, which is capable to assimilate the CO2 discharge (expressed in tonnes) of a population, of a company or of an activity. (This more detailed, area based analysis originates from the volume based analysis, but goes further.) Carbon footprint forms significant part of the ecological footprint from different perspectives: 1.) carbon footprint makes up almost half (48 %) of the ecological footprint of the population; 2.) the increase of the ecological footprint is caused mainly by the carbon- dioxide emission - id est the carbon footprint - increase. In case of a company level ecological footprint the rate of CF is exceeding the 50 %.

Because of the above the carbon footprint calculation and analysis can be done individually, as well. To decrease the total ecological footprint the most effective tools are those measures which are aiming the decrease, as well.

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