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Ecological footprint calculation and analysis for organizations

The ecological footprint (EF) is an important – but not the only one – sustainability indicator, a resource accounting tool, which measures the biological productivity of an area (in two words: ecological footprint) necessary for the given population or activity, compared to the nominal available area, to the bio-capacity.

Recently the ecological footprint (and/ or Carbon Footprint) calculation is getting more focus as in the industrial sector the sustainability or the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is getting higher and higher importance together with the aspiration after reducing the ecological (and/ or carbon) footprint. Calculation of the ecological footprint for organizations - especially in this early stage - demonstrates the organization's openness for applying new approaches and its commitment towards the environment. In our present world dominated by financial indicators (such as GDP, turnover, EBIDTA, etc.) there are initiatives in many countries to measure and register the usage of the natural resources of countries, regions or even of organizations.

Our company, the Dandelion Kft. provides ecological and carbon footprint calculation and analysis services for organizations with using authentic methodology and data bases. The schematic structure of an organization's ecological footprint - distribution of activities - can be seen on the following figure.

Organizations footprint
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